Merci Danke Dankjewel Takk Dankie Xièxiè Hvala Děkuji Tak Salamat Kiitos Ef̱charistó̱ Mèsi poutèt ou Dhan'yavāda köszönöm Gamsahabnida Terima kasih Arigatō Thank you Khokhobchaithan Obrigado Tuhāḍā dhanavāda Multumesc Spasibo Gracias Asante Tack Danke Dankjewel Merci Takk Thank you Dankie Xièxiè Hvala Děkuji Gracias Salamat Kiitos Terima kasih Thank you Ef̱charistó̱ Mèsi poutèt ou köszönöm Gamsahabnida Arigatō Khokhobchaithan Obrigado Tak Multumesc Spasibo Asante Tack

Thanks to you,
We are truly proud to announce


Children will receive new shoes.

A world of thanks for your barefoot pics, friends, events, and
commitment to improving the lives of children everywhere.

We believe in creating a world
we live for one, another.
TOMS gives 365 days a year with each product you purchase.
This year, for One Day Without Shoes, we decided to do
something different. For two weeks, we pledged to honour your
commitment to raising awareness for children’s health and education.
For every photo of bare feet you tagged on Instagram,
we’re actually giving a new pair of shoes to a child in need —
no purchase necessary.

Thanks to your openheartedness, an extraordinary number of children will now
receive the new shoes they need. Thank you for joining the movement, and we are
very excited to see you next year for One Day Without Shoes 2016.

See who's living for one, another...


I just helped a person in need by purchasing from TOMS. Join the movement.